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For 20 years, Croix Crystal Water Treatment has been helping households in Western Wisconsin and the Twin Cities area, maximize their water quality through water softener installation services. Croix Crystal Water Treatment’s installation of high-quality products keeps your water clean, comfortable, and enjoyable to use.

We provide a wide selection of advanced water softeners capable of improving even the highest water hardness levels. For your water maintenance and treatment needs, contact Croix Crystal Water Treatment today. Our team of experts can help you get the quality water you need in your home or building.

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Water Softeners Available for Installation

  • Evolve® Series EVRS
    Use less water and salt with the Evolve Series EVRS softener. The EVRS allows you to prolong the life of your home appliances and save money.
  • Evolve® Series EVRCS
    Purify and soften your water with the all-in-one Evolve Series unit, EVRCS. This unit will keep your water clean while proactively reducing hardness levels.
  • Evolve® Series EV2 Conditioner
    Give your water twice the filtration power through the Evolve Series EV2 Conditioner. This unit is able to condition water at even the highest hardness and iron levels.
  • CustomCare® Softener Series
    CustomCare’s series of softeners will allow you to find the system that meets your water treatment requirements to a T.

Need A Water Softener Installed Near You?

We serve Western Wisconsin and the Greater Twin Cities Metro. If you don't see your area, no worries! We're happy to satisfy your water softener needs in these locations and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a water softener?

Water softeners allow houses and buildings to have access to soft water rather than hard water. In order to make the water soft, the system removes dissolved calcium and magnesium minerals in the water before distributing the water throughout the building.

How do water softeners work?

Water softeners remove dissolved minerals through ion exchange. Inside a water softener are sodium ion-covered resin beads. The resin beads attract the calcium and magnesium minerals as the water passes through the water softener. Sodium ions then replace the magnesium and calcium ions through regeneration. Finally, the water softener sends the newly-softened water to the home’s water sources.

What are the benefits of whole-house water softeners and treatment systems?

There are several benefits to installing home water softeners. Most notably, household chores will prove to be more efficient with soft water compared to hard water. Because home water softeners remove calcium and magnesium minerals from the water, there won’t be any spots or stains left after cleaning. Clothing will also appear brighter and cleaner, and soap will lather more efficiently while you bathe.

How much does a water softener cost to operate?

The cost of installation for water softeners varies depending on the type of unit you purchase and the piping requirements in your home. Typically, with the initial cost of the product, potential repair services, and warranty, a water softener will bring a total of approximately $3,000.

Why does water need to be softened?

Many homeowners prefer soft water for household chores, bathing, and taste preferences. Because it lathers with soap, softened water will clean your dishware and clothing more efficiently compared to hard water. Additionally, homeowners often prefer the taste of soft water over hard water.


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If you’re ready to enhance the water quality in your home or office, contact Croix Crystal Water Treatment today. Our supply of high-quality softeners will keep your water clean and usable. For questions or inquiries about our water softener installation services, call us at us at 715-386-8667.