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Lake Elmo Water Softener Services

Hard water can be quite a burden to any home, especially to yours in Lake Elmo. Hard water running through your plumbing system causes much more wear and tear to your pipes, which will lead to premature and costly repairs down the road.

Soap scum is a side effect of hard water running through your home. When your dishes come out of the dishwasher with a layer of grime or if you feel a thin film on your hands after you wash them, this soap scum is caused by hard water.

Lastly, it can have a negative impact on your appliances. When hard water runs through your home it can affect your dishwasher and your fridge, sharply decreasing their performance. It can be a burden on sinks and showers as it will leave red-rusted stains around the drain.

When the hard water in your home becomes too much, call on Croix Crystal Water Treatment Services for our water softener installation services! No matter where you reside in Lake Elmo, our trusted team of installation technicians will get the job done!

City Water Softeners

If you live in the heart of the city, you may be safe from hard water, but not completely. Hard water can still be present even when you get your water from the city’s treatment plant. That’s why Croix Crystal Water Treatment offers city water softener installation!

Well Water Softeners

If you live outside of the city limits, you most likely draw water from the ground. Wells can be a common place where you find hard water. Combat the hard water in your home with our well water softener installation!

Commercial Water Softeners

If your business is in need of soft, clean water for your employees and clients, ask Croix Crystal water treatment about our commercial water softener installation!

Water Softener Maintenance

Finally, if your water softener system breaks down, call on us for our water softener maintenance services!

Other Water Treatment Services

Croix Crystal Water Treatment prides itself on our water softener installation and maintenance, but we certainly don’t stop there!

We have every water treatment service you can ask for, including:

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