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At Croix Crystal Water Treatment, we understand the importance of having comfortable and usable water in the home, which is why we offer top-notch well water softener installation services.

Homes with a well water source endure water hardness, and oftentimes, homeowners prefer soft water because of its benefits. Our well water softener systems will make your home’s water more capable of efficiently cleaning your dishes and clothing. Additionally, our team of trained professionals will also ensure your system remains dependable with our well water softener maintenance services. Call Croix Crystal Water Treatment at 715-386-8667 for high-quality well water softener system installation.

Well Water Softener Units

  • Evolve® Series EVRS Softener
    Experience high-quality water with the EVRS Softener from the Evolve Series. This unit uses advanced technology to soften even the hardest water. Includes w.e.t. technology to save on water and salt usage.
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  • Evolve® Series EV2 Conditioner
    The Evolve Series EV2 Conditioner uses patented Crystal Right media to give you twice the filtration power to soften water with higher hardness and iron levels.
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Well Water vs. Soft Water

Because well water is hard, homeowners will often require a water softener. A well’s structure is under the ground’s surface; its design allows it to reach the water down below and transport it to a nearby home. As the water travels through the ground, it develops a high concentration of magnesium and calcium—the minerals that make water hard.

Not only does soft water react differently with soap, it also has a unique taste. Some homeowners prefer the taste of soft water compared to hard water. Installing and maintaining a water softener will allow you to have access to it throughout your home.

If your home is in need of high-quality water treatment services, contact Croix Crystal Water Treatment today at 715-386-8667. Our team of professionals will supply you with quality customer service and answer any questions you have about our process.

Benefits of Soft Water

Most homeowners notice the difference between hard and soft water while doing household chores. Soft water lathers with soap much more efficiently than hard water, which is ideal for cleaning clothes and dishes. Even in the shower, soft water proves to be a better option for cleaning your own body.

Because hard water has a high concentration of minerals, dishes and glasses often appear spotty and dirty after washing. The minerals leave behind stains on the dishes and don’t allow the water to thoroughly clean them. Additionally, the minerals can build up in your home’s pipes and eventually cause lower water pressure throughout the home.

Compared to hard water, soft water can provide you with an all-around more comfortable living experience. If you aren’t sure whether your home has hard or soft water, contact Croix Crystal Water Treatment for a professional hard water test on your home’s water system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does well water need a water softener?

Yes. Unless your home is in an area with fewer minerals in the ground, water from a nearby well will require a water softener.

What does a well water softener do?

Well water softener systems work by removing calcium and magnesium through ion exchange. This allows the delivery of soft water throughout the home.

Is well water hard to maintain?

Maintaining a private well requires following several steps and procedures. From conducting bacterial tests to keeping hazardous chemicals out of the system, thoroughly maintaining a well can be time-consuming and difficult.

Can you use a water softener with a well?

Yes. Well water is typically hard, so a water softener will work to soften the water.


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