How's Your Water?

Professional Water Testing Services

Water Testing Kit

Understanding what your water contains is critical to maintaining a safe and comfortable home. Our team of water experts can conduct professional and informative water testing services to help you determine what kind of treatment your water requires. Whether your water contains hard water minerals or potentially harmful contaminants, it’s important to install the best water treatment product to maximize your home’s water quality.

Croix Crystal Water Treatment is prepared to help you understand your water’s status with our water testing services. To request a service, contact us today at 715-486-8667.

Testing For Impurities

At Croix Crystal Water Treatment, we understand the importance of having safe drinking water in the home. Our professional water testing services can determine whether your water contains any discrete and potentially harmful toxins. Our team can find and install a high-quality water filtration system based on the results of your water test.

Hard Water Testing

Hard water minerals can wear down your home’s plumbing system and leave stains on your appliances and dishes. Understanding your water’s hardness can help us determine and install the best water softener for your home. Croix Crystal Water Treatment will supply you with professional water testing services to help you find out your water’s hardness levels.

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Between harmful impurities and damaging hard water minerals, it’s important to understand exactly what is in your water. At Croix Crystal Water Treatment, we provide professional water testing services that can help you understand what kind of treatment your water requires. Our team of qualified professionals is ready to assist you with your water testing needs. Call us to request a service today.