Commercial Water Softener

Commercial Water Softener Installation Services

Commercial Water Softener

Businesses require water that cleans well and is easy to work with. At Croix Crystal Water Treatment, we provide commercial water softener system installation services for buildings in need of soft water. Our team of professionals is ready to help you prepare your businesses for action with our affordable installation and maintenance services.

If your commercial building is in need of a dependable, high-quality water softener system, contact Croix Crystal Water Treatment today. We offer free quotes so your building gets the water it needs for the price you expect.

Commercial Water Softener Units

CustomCare® Softener

Get the commercial water softener best fit for your needs with our selection of CustomCare water softeners.

Benefits of Having Soft Water in Your Commercial Building

At Croix Crystal Water Treatment, we pride ourselves on our installation services of high-quality softeners for commercial buildings. As a necessary component for any commercial building, there are several benefits of having soft water flowing.

  • Save Money on Repairs | Hard water can cause excessive wear and tear on your building’s pipes and plumbing system. Because hard water minerals stick to any surface, they can collect and create sediment on your building’s pipes. Soft water will save you from enduring costly repairs from damage caused by hard water minerals.
  • Save Energy | When hard water minerals create buildup, it results in a thick layer of material on your building’s water heater. This layer of built-up minerals makes it difficult for the flame underneath the tank to sufficiently heat the water, which causes your system to work harder and waste energy.
  • Cleaner Materials | Especially for restaurants, it’s critical your business maintains a top-notch appearance for its customers, which is why your building needs soft water. Hard water minerals leave behind a spotty and dirty appearance on glassware and dishes. To ensure your building’s materials and features remain clean and spotless, create a source of soft water for your dishwasher, laundry machines, and faucets.
  • Save on Soap | Soft water reacts differently with soap compared to hard water. Soft water lathers with soap better and allows a smaller amount to last longer. Because you use less soap with soft water, a softener can help you save money on extra expenses.

Having soft water in your commercial building allows you to save money and maximize customer satisfaction. If your building is need of high-quality water treatment services, contact Croix Crystal Water Treatment to request a service today. We are a team of trained professionals prepared to supply you with leading products and customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a commercial water softener work?

Commercial water softeners work by removing the high concentration of calcium and magnesium ions in the water leaving you with soft water.

Is a bigger water softener better?

Your building’s water consumption and current hardness should determine your water softner’s size. Because of this, a bigger water softener isn’t necessarily better. Having a water softener that is too large can lead to problems for your system, so you should pick a size that best suits your building’s needs.

How large of a water softener do I need?

To determine how big of a softener you need, you should think about the number of people typically in your building on a day-to-day basis, as well as your water’s hardness level. For further assistance in finding the best softener size, contact the professionals at Crystal Croix Water Treatment. Our team can offer expert guidance in finding the right sized softener.

How do you size a commercial water softener?

Determining your building’s water consumption, as well as its current hardness, will help you find the correct water softener size. Our team of professionals at Croix Crystal Water treatment can also help you find the best product.


Your Commercial Water Treatment Company

Having clean, soft water is critical to the operation of any business. Leave your commercial water treatment needs to Croix Crystal Water Treatment. We are a team of qualified water softener installers capable of answering any questions you may have about our process and products. Contact us today at 651-998-0449 to start off with a free estimate.

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