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Soft water is key for maintaining a comfortable and long-lasting home. Treating your water can provide you with several benefits, including cleaner dishes and softer-feeling hair. Croix Crystal Water Treatment provides professional and effective water softener services for homeowners in Woodbury, MN. Let us help you enhance your water’s quality and taste!

  • Experienced & Professional
    Our team of water experts is highly experienced in water softener installation and maintenance. We know what it takes to enhance your home’s water supply.
  • Honest & Trustworthy
    Croix Crystal is a trusted water treatment company serving homeowners in Woodbury, MN. Whether you require water softener installation or maintenance, you can count on us to provide you with consistent and honest communication every step of the way.
  • Hassle-Free Quotes
    We want our customers to feel confident in every step of their water softener service. Because of this, we’ll provide you with a free quote so you know exactly what to expect right from the start.
  • Five-Star Reviews
    Croix Crystal Water Treatment arrives at every water softener service with a number of five-star reviews under our belts! Take a look at what past customers have had to say about our service here.

Croix Crystal Water Treatment is happy to help homeowners in Woodbury gain access to soft, usable, and good-tasting water. We can even conduct a water hardness test to help you determine the best water softener product for your home!

To start off with a free quote, contact us today at 715-386-8667.

Benefits of a Water Softener

Adding a water softener to your home can provide you with several benefits. If you’re noticing water is harmfully affecting your appliances and quality of life at home, contact Croix Crystal for prompt and efficient water softener installation services.

  • Prolong Appliances’ Lifespans
    Over time, hard water minerals can start to accumulate on the faucets and handles of various appliances. Eventually, the hard water minerals will create a sludge on your appliances, causing them to prematurely malfunction and break.

    A water softener will remove the minerals responsible for breaking down house appliances. By installing a water softener in your home, you’ll be able to prolong your appliances’ lifespans.
  • Enhance Your At-Home Comfort
    Hard water can cause your skin and hair to feel rough after bathing. Your skin may feel dry and itchy after several washes, as the hard water minerals tend to stay on your skin’s surface. If you want to enhance your comfort after bathing, consider installing a water softener. Bathing with soft water can help you feel cleaner and more comfortable.
  • Brighter Dishes & Clothes
    When washing your clothes or dishes with hard water, you may notice they don’t appear clean after drying. Dishes may appear spotted and dirty, while your clothing will fade and wear down after washing with hard water. For cleaner-looking dishes, as well as brighter and softer clothes, contact Croix Crystal Water Treatment for professional water softener installation services.

Woodbury’s Water Treatment Company

If your home is in need of soft water, Croix Crystal is ready to assist. We’ll help you enhance your city water access by securely installing and maintaining a high-quality water softener. Our team will supply you with consistent communication and top-notch service at all times!

To schedule your water softener installation or maintenance service, contact Croix Crystal Water Treatment today at 715-386-8667. We look forward to assisting you with your water treatment needs!