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Water Softener Services in Rosemount, MN

At Croix Crystal Water Treatment, we offer residential and commercial water softener installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement services throughout Rosemount, Minnesota, and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re in the market for a new water softener, your existing unit needs repairs, or you need to replace an old, inefficient unit, we can help.

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City Water Softener Installation & Maintenance

Is your home on Rosemount city water? Then you should know that although your water passes through a local treatment plant, it may still contain an excessive amount of minerals. And those minerals can deteriorate your plumbing system, your fixtures, and, in some cases, your health.

That’s where we come in.

We can install a city water softener system in your Rosemount home to ensure your household water supply doesn’t contain too much calcium, magnesium, or other minerals.

And after we install your unit, we can perform routine water softener maintenance and, when necessary, repairs, to ensure your system continually functions as it should.

You deserve to consume and use clean, healthy water, and we’re here to help ensure you get it!

Well Water Softener Installation & Repair

Does your Rosemount home have a well? If so, there’s a high likelihood your water supply contains an excessive concentration of minerals, which can damage your plumbing system and fixtures. A well water softener can solve the problem.

We can come to your home, test the mineral concentration of your water supply, and recommend the best water softener system to improve the quality of your water. After installation, you can count on us to provide top-notch service and support whether you need water softener maintenance, repair, or replacement.

We aim to be your lifelong partner for all of your water softener and filtration needs, so whenever you need service, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Commercial Water Softener Installation & Service

With the volume of use the average commercial plumbing system sees, business owners must be especially conscientious about proper system maintenance. And that’s where installing a water softener comes in.

At Croix Crystal Water Treatment, we specialize in commercial water softener installation and offer a variety of industry-leading CustomCare units.

With a quality softener installed, your business will enjoy several benefits, including:

  • Energy savings. Hard water leaves mineral deposits in hot water heaters, making it less efficient and most costly to run. Soft water doesn’t do that, so it’ll naturally help decrease your energy costs.
  • Reduced risk of plumbing damage. Soft water reduces your plumbing system’s likelihood of mineral-related deterioration and lessens your chances of paying for costly plumbing repairs.
  • Cleaner materials. Soft water is naturally better at cleaning things since it doesn’t leave mineral deposits behind. And cleaner materials leave a better impression on customers and clients.

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