Signs Your Water Softener Requires Maintenance
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Signs Your Water Softener Requires Maintenance

Your water softener is a key component to keeping your home or building’s water supply safe and useful. Without a water softener, your water may contain hard water minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Hard water can cause appliances to wear down, dishes to appear spotted, and your clothes and hair to feel hard to the touch. A water softener will help you maintain an overall more comfortable and enhanced home environment.

Taking the time to regularly inspect your water softener can help you stay ahead of costly damages and repairs. However, even if you do inspect your water softener, there are additional indications that indicate you are in need of water softener maintenance. Here are several signs that your water softener is malfunctioning and requires professional maintenance.

●        Your skin has an uncomfortable texture after showering.

Hard water minerals can cause your skin to feel rough and dry. If you are experiencing a changed texture on your skin, you may want to schedule a professional water softener maintenance service. Because a water softener removes hard minerals from your water, the presence of these minerals may be an indication that your system is malfunctioning.

For expert water softener maintenance and inspection, contact Croix Crystal Water Treatment. Our team will bring years of experience to your maintenance service.

●        Clothing feels stiff after washing.

Water softeners remove the calcium and magnesium minerals found in hard water, which results in softer clothing after washing. Hard water leaves a film of minerals on your clothing which can also make them appear faded and less vibrant. If you’ve noticed your clothing feels still and tough to the touch, your water softener may be malfunctioning. Schedule a professional water softener inspection by giving the Croix Crystal Water Treatment a call today.

●        Your dishes appear dirty and spotty even after washing.

A malfunctioning water softener will allow hard minerals into your water system. When hard minerals are present in your water, they will leave spots and marks on your glasses and dishes, making them appear dirty even though you’ve cleaned them. If you’re noticing your dishes appear dirty after washing, you may have a faulty water softener on your hands. Contact Croix Crystal Water Treatment for a professional inspection as soon as possible. We’ll determine whether your water softener is due for a repair.

●        There is a buildup around your appliances, pipes, and faucets.

When a water softener isn’t working properly, a buildup of hard water minerals can form on your appliances and around your plumbing and faucets. Take a look at your pipes and faucets to make sure there isn’t significant sludge development. If you notice threatening signs of mineral buildup, schedule a water softener maintenance service as soon as possible.

●        There aren’t as many soap bubbles when you wash your hands.

Hard water doesn’t lather with soap as efficiently as soft water. If your water softener isn’t properly removing magnesium and calcium minerals from your water, you may notice that you need more soap while you’re washing your hands or dishes. Schedule a water softener maintenance service as soon as you notice this issue occurs.

●        Your water tastes too salty.

Water softeners require salt to work properly, however, when there’s an excessive amount of salt in your water softener, you may notice your water to start to taste strange. Salty water often indicates an issue with your water softener. The professionals at Croix Crystal Water Treatment can provide you with quick and efficient repairs.

●        The water softener doesn’t have enough salt.

Salt is a key component to ensuring your water softener works properly. If you notice the salt is low in your water softener, there’s a good chance that you’ll notice it start to malfunction. Always make sure your water softener has the suggested amount of salt inside its system.

By keeping an eye out for these indicators of a malfunctioning water softener, you can stay ahead of costly repairs and more severe issues. If you’re still not sure whether your water softener is working properly, schedule a water hardness test with Croix Crystal Water Treatment. Our water hardness test will determine whether you’re in need of a water softener maintenance or repair service.

While you can try servicing your water softener on your own, sometimes the solution isn’t so simple to the untrained eye. Our team of water technicians brings years of experience to every service. We’ll ensure your water softener is in the best condition and is ready to serve your home or building for years to come.

To schedule your service with Croix Crystal Water Treatment, contact us today at 715-386-8667. We look forward to working with you!

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