3 Ways Hard Water Can Affect Your Cooking
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3 Ways Hard Water Can Affect Your Cooking

Cooking is not just a hobby; it’s a passion of yours. Cooking for friends and family is a love language for some but appreciated by all. Cooking a great meal requires quality ingredients. The most overlooked but pivotal ingredient in many dishes is water.

Whether you’re boiling pasta, steaming vegetables, or making broth for soup, water is an imperative component of cooking. So, if your house has hard water running through it, the outcome of your meals is hindered.

Here’s how hard water affects your cooking and why you should consider a water softener!

  1. Not-So-Great Tasting Coffee

If you love a good cup of coffee (or six), you’re missing out on some great taste when using hard water. Minerals in hard water balance out the coffee's flavor, leaving a lighter and less-desirable coffee experience. No one wants to be reminded of pennies while they sip their morning joe.

In addition to muted coffee flavors, hard water is sure to gum up the components of your coffee maker over time. A hard, water-tainted coffee maker takes longer to brew and further hinders the flavor.

For the best tasting coffee, use mineral water or install a reverse osmosis filtration unit in your home!

  1. Leaving an Undesirable Food Texture

Let’s say you’re steaming some vegetables. You toss your veggies in the strained, secure it over a pot of boiling water, and cover it. Once they're done, you check the texture of the food and--it’s cooked--but still tough.

That’s because hard water contains minerals such as iron and manganese, which affects the food’s texture. On the other hand, hard water makes for a longer cooking time for some foods such as rice and beans. Additionally, cooking your rice and beans in hard water influences their flavor.

  1. Afflicted Baking

Baking is precise; you need to use the right ingredients, use the exact amount, and bake it according to the recipe. Hard water affects the structure of gluten and yeast, two essential ingredients in baking. Changing the chemical structure of these ingredients yields an unflattering result.

Upgrade Your Cooking with Water Treatment Services

If you’re not sure about the levels of hard water in your home, we suggest getting a water test. In addition, install a whole-house water filtration system or a water softener to take your cooking to the next level!

For any of these services, give Croix Crystal Water treatment a call at 715-386-8667, 651-9980449, or get a free quote online today!

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