What Makes Soft Water Feel Slippery?
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What Makes Soft Water Feel Slippery?

Have you ever gotten used to using hard water from a well and then washed your hands in a house with a water softener? It may not seem like a big difference, but it certainly is.

Running your hands under soft water is far more satisfying than hard water, but it raises the question for you: what makes soft water feel slippery?

Well, you’re in luck because Croix Crystal Water Treatment has your answer below!

Why is Soft Water Slippery?

To answer this question, we first have to look at why hard leaves a sticky and scummy feeling on our hands. Hard water contains a high amount of minerals such as calcium, iron, and magnesium. When these minerals in hard water mix with the sodium content of salts and bind together, leaving soap scum on your hands, body, dishes, or clothes.

During softening water, these minerals are stripped out of their chemical makeup and replaced with soft water’s iron-rich structure. The ions in soft water and the sodium content of soap cause a positive chemical reaction known as a “lather,” which feels like your hands are gliding over each other when washing them.

Can Soft Water Be Too Slippery?

When households switch to a water softener, a frequent complaint is that the water is too slippery. However, the issue is not in the water; it’s in your soap usage. You’re used to using a certain amount of soap with hard water; you’ll end up using that same amount right after you switch.

As mentioned previously; hard water and soap form scum, making for inconsistent lather and requiring you to use more soap when you wash your hands. Since softer water and soap react more positively, you don’t need to use as much soap as you had before. So, when you wash your hands with new soft water, think of taking a dab of soap instead of a glob!

Get Soft, Great Tasting Water With Croix Crystal Water Treatment

The better quality of your home’s water improves every facet of it. If you’re unsure about the minerals and contents of your water, call Croix Crystal Water Treatment for a water test!

If you desire softer and great-tasting water, consider our other services like whole house water filtration or water delivery!

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