Best Water Filtration Units 2022
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Best Water Filtration Units 2022

Clean water for households isn’t only essential; it’s a right. However, there’s always a minimum quality your city aims to uphold, but that’s about it.  To truly receive the healthiest, greatest-tasting water for you and your family, installing a water filtration system is a perfect way to start.

Let’s look at some of this year's best options for water filtration!

Whole-House Water Filtration

Water filtration works best when the system runs through the entire home. That way, clean, safe, and great-tasting water flow from every faucet. Croix Crystal Water Treatment is proud to install multiple types of whole-house water filtration systems:

EVS Sulfur Filter

Is your water coming out of the facet smelling like rotten eggs with a slew of other unappealing odors? Chances are, you have a high concentration of sulfur in your water supply. If so, your home may benefit from the EVS Sulfur Filter!

This whole-house water filtration system’s main job is to eliminate the less-than-appealing smells from your water supply. This filter uses an air-induction process to remove any organic materials from your water, leaving it odorless and tasting great.

EVFE Iron Filter

Hard water is common in homes, especially in rural and country houses that draw water from a well. A simple solution for hard water removal is installing a water softener system in your home. However, adding a water filtration system specifically designed to help remove iron will provide an added layer of clean and great-tasting water.

The EVFE Iron Filter uses the same air-induction process as the Sulfur but keys in on the iron and manganese that make your water hard. Installing this filter negates the cause of those brown stains on your sinks and bathtubs while giving your dishes and laundry that true clean feeling.

Series EVBF Filter

When you want an all-around water filter specifically designed for comprehensive filtration and purification, The series EVBF Filter is the type of filter for you! If your water has a slight taste of pennies and a slight odor of rotten eggs, it’s best to install a water filter that gets both!

Install Your Water Filtration System with Croix Crystal Water Treatment!

No matter what water filtration system you choose, you need a trusted water treatment company for installation. So, when you decide on what type, call on Croix Crystal Water Treatment!

Receive a free quote online or give us a call at 715-386-8667 today!

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