How Well Do Water Pitcher Filters Work?
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How Well Do Water Pitcher Filters Work?

Out of all the things that should taste good, water is undoubtedly the most important to our existence. You may be well aware of all the unpleasant flavors you could taste from a tap water source. From the metal taste of hard water from a well to the sulfury odor from organic materials in the ground, there are many ways the taste of water can be improved.

For instance, installing a water softener helps take the heavy metals out of tap water, and a water filtration system provides your home with clean, great-tasting water. However, what if those options aren’t readily available right now? That’s where a water pitcher filter comes in!

Let's look at how well water pitcher filters work and determine if they’re right for you!

Different Filters for Different Situations

Chemicals and heavy metals are primarily responsible for the smell and taste of your water. Water filter designs strain the culprits to bad taste and smell, but every filter is different.

For instance, if your home’s worst culprit is hard water, a water filter designed to take out iron would be your best purchase. On the other hand, if your water always has a smell of rotten eggs coming from the faucet, a water filter pitcher designed to filter out sulfur is most effective.

If you don’t figure out what’s making your water taste and smell bad and get the wrong filter, it may be all for naught. That’s why it’s always a good idea to get your water tested before buying a specific filter!

Cost of Replacement Filters

Although filter pitchers are a great way to get clean, great-tasting water, you will need replacement filters eventually. An average filter lasts you about two months or 40 gallons. Every filter is different, so the time and volume of water it can take before replacement varies, but it’s still a good idea to keep an eye on the guidelines for your model.

The cost of replacement filters ranges between $20 and $150 a year, so keep that in mind when choosing the type of filters you purchase.

Filtered Pitchers Time

You won’t always get filtered water as soon as you fill the basin; the time it takes varies on the size and model. Some pitchers take a couple of minutes to filter, while others may take up to half an hour. Make sure you plan ahead of time for your water to be filtered!

Call on Croix Crystal Water Treatment for Water Solutions

Whether it’s installing a water softener or scheduling prompt water delivery, Croix Crystal Water Treatment has everything you need to get the best tasting H2O in your home!

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