Signs You Need a Water Filtration System
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Signs You Need a Water Filtration System

Filtration systems enhance your drinking water’s quality and taste. While you may not be sure if you need a filter, there are several signs that indicate you should install a filtration system in your home. By keeping an eye out for these signs, you’ll be able to protect yourself and your family from common health issues caused by common water pollutants.

If you notice these signs around your home, give Croix Crystal Water Treatment a call for expert water filtration installation services. We’ll also stick by your side with our water filtration maintenance services to keep your system running in tip top condition. To get started with a free quote, contact us today aat 715-386-8667.

Signs Your Home Requires a Water Filter

A water filter is a necessary addition for many homes with a city water source. There are several signs you should watch for that indicate you’re in need of a water filtration system.

●        Bad-Tasting Water

Toxins or hard water minerals found in water can make it taste bad when you drink it. If you’re noticing your home’s drinking water tastes less than satisfactory, you should consider installing a water softener, filter, or both. With both systems, you can count on always having access to good-tasting and user-friendly water.

●        You Live in an Old House

Lead wasn’t banned from water supply until 1986. If your home was built before that year, you and your family could be utilizing a particularly risky water source. To prevent ingesting this common toxin in your older home, consider installing a water filtration system. A filter will effectively remove any lead found in the supply.

●        Your Water Supply Comes From a Well

While many private wells produce water that is perfectly safe to use, there are some wells that may contain chemicals, metals, and pesticides. To maximize your well water supply’s safeness and usability, add a whole-house water filtration system to your home.

●        Dirty Utensils, Walls, and Appliances

If you’re noticing a surface or object appears especially dirty after you’ve scrubbed it down, you may be dealing with a water issue. Hard and contaminated water will leave a residue on your surfaces even after cleaning. To enhance your cleaning experience, add a water filter and water softener to your home.

Watching for these signs will help you stay ahead of more severe forms of damage and health-related complications. Because toxins often found in unfiltered can often make homeowners sick, it's critical to install a water filtration system as soon as you notice a problem.

Croix Crystal Water Treatment is ready to help you maximize your water’s safeness and usability. Not only do we install whole-house water filtration systems and reverse osmosis filters, but we also provide installation, maintenance, and repair services for water softeners. We know what it takes to establish clean, user-friendly water in any home.

To start off with a free quote, contact Croix Crystal Water Treatment today at 715-386-8667. We look forward to working with you!

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