The Benefits of a Commercial Water Softener
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The Benefits of a Commercial Water Softener

As a business owner, there are a variety of responsibilities to take on. Among those responsibilities is ensuring that all aspects of your building are operating as efficiently as possible, including your water system.

Understanding the difference between soft and hard water can help you determine which kind of water is best for your building and business. However, there are a number of benefits of installing a water softener system for your commercial building.

The Difference Between Hard Water and Soft Water

Prior to installing a new commercial water softener, you should take the time to understand the difference between hard water and soft water. Hard water contains magnesium and calcium minerals. These minerals can become noticeable when they build up on your building’s appliances or create a harder texture on your washed clothing. Soft water doesn’t contain these minerals.

Many homeowners and commercial building owners notice the difference between hard water and soft water when washing dishes, washing clothing, and bathing. You may also notice the difference between hard and soft water based on the way each type tastes.

How a Commercial Water Softener Works

A commercial water softener works by removing magnesium and calcium minerals and replacing them with sodium ions. The exchange of hard water minerals for sodium happens inside the water softener’s tank. With proper water softener maintenance, your system should serve your building for many years with little or no complications.

Why a Water Softener is Beneficial for Your Commercial Building

Many types of businesses can benefit from installing a water softener in the building. Among those businesses include:

●        Restaurants

●        Apartments

●        Hotels

●        Car Washes

●        Laundromats

●        Hospitals

●        & More

If your business uses water in any way, you could benefit from the installation of a new commercial water softener. There are several advantages to having a commercial water softener in your building, including:

●        Prolong the lifespan of your building’s appliances. When hard water minerals accumulate, they can build up on your appliances creating a sludge around important pipes and pieces. This sludge can cause pipes and machine parts to break down and leak. Additionally, when the sludge blocks the water movement through the pipes, you will need to call for a repair on your plumbing system.

To save money on costly repairs, consider installing a water softener in your building. In addition to preventing damage, you will also prolong your appliances’ lifespans and save money on any replacement pieces.

●        Increase your building’s energy efficiency. When your water heater develops a build-up of hard water minerals, it is unable to what up as efficiently. When your water heater has to work harder, it can cause your monthly energy bills to increase.

By installing a commercial water softener, you can prevent your water heater from developing scale, which will allow the heater to work more efficiently. This will save you money every month.

In addition to your water heater, a water softener will also prevent the pipes from developing a buildup on minerals. This will allow the water to transfer through the system with greater ease, saving you money on energy bills and maintenance costs.

Finally, if your business uses soap or detergent to clean utensils or clothing, you can save money by using less soap with soft water. Because hard water doesn’t lather with soap as efficiently as soft water, you may need to use more soap to clean your items and clothing. Soft water lathers with soap and detergent much better than hard water, making your soap last longer and have a greater effect.

●        Cleaner products and utensils. Soft water is extremely noticeable when it comes to the cleanliness of your clothing and objects. With hard water, you may notice streaks and signs of leftover minerals. This can cause glassware, silverware, and dishes to appear dirty even after thoroughly cleaning them. When your dishes appear dirty, customers and employees may generate misleading conclusions

Installing a water softener will allow you to have an overall cleaner appearance on all of your dishes and utensils. Additionally, soft water will make bedding, clothing, and towels feel softer to the touch. If you have tenants in your commercial building, this can allow them to have more comfortable clothing and other personal items.

A commercial ater softener will benefit your building and business in many ways. If your building is ready to experience the benefits of a commercial water softener, contact Croix Crystal Water Treatment today. We’ll install your water softener quickly and efficiently so you can start experiencing the advantages as soon as possible. We’ll also ensure your commercial water softener continues to serve you with our water softener maintenance services.

To schedule an appointment with our team of dedicated water specialists, contact us at 715-386-8667. We look forward to working with you!

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