4 Factors That Affect the Taste of Water
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4 Factors That Affect the Taste of Water

Does your drinking water at the home or office taste a little off or sub-par? The problem doesn’t lie in your taste buds but the origin of the water and how it gets to you.

Here are four factors that affect the taste of your drinking water.

1. Water Source

Where your water comes from is one of the most significant factors in terms of how your water tastes. Different regions and different types of property all host a unique situation in terms of water sources. Rural homes outside of town may draw their water from a well.

Well water, more often than not, contains high amounts of metals such as iron and copper, which can make your water “hard.”

Hard water, for some, may taste like you drank a bucket of pennies. While hard water is relatively safe to drink, it can also signify more dangerous metals like lead.

If you believe your home has hard water, it’s a good idea to conduct a water test as soon as possible. Lastly, hard water can be made soft by installing a water softener system!

2. Condition of the Pipes

Much of the United States requires a plumbing upgrade with pipe systems predating World War II in some places. Today, older pipes, which contain metals such as lead, are being switched out for more conventional PVC pipes.

While this is a step in the right direction, many areas of the country still have older pipes, increasing the risk of heavy metals seeping into our drinking water.

3. Algae Blooms

When the weather begins to heat up in Wisconsin and Minnesota during the summer, our lakes and rivers’ algae supply begins to grow and bloom. Since much of our drinking water comes from these rivers and lakes, the algae bloom can affect its taste which many describe as earthy.

Most algae blooms do not make drinking water toxic. However, nutrient-rich lakes seem to develop higher volumes of toxic algae.

4. Water Treatment

Water treatment plants use chlorine and other chemicals to disinfect the water before it’s safe to drink, which is why your tap water may have a “chemically” taste to it.

A simple solution to rid your home of this unpleasant taste would be to install a water filtration system in your home.

Contact Croix Crystal Water Treatment for Better Tasting Water

No matter how you want to improve drinking water quality in your home, Croix Crystal Water Treatment is here to help. Request a free quote online or give us a call at 715-386-8667 today!

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