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Water Filtration Services in St. Paul, MN

Wish you could have great-tasting water coming right out of every faucet in your home? Call on Croix Crystal Water Treatment! Our dependable and trustworthy service means you’ll get crisp, clean water pouring out of your facets at your earliest convenience.

Our water filtration services include:

We are proud to partner with EVOLVE Water Filtration Systems. With help from EVOLVE, we deliver the best quality water filtration at a fair price to you.

EVOLVE water filtration system helps take out harmful elements from the water, including iron and manganese.

St. Paul Water Softener Services

Hard water isn’t necessarily life-threatening, but it can cause a myriad of problems to your home's plumbing systems. Hard water causes build-up and corrosion, which can lead to costly repairs down the road.

Showering or doing dishes with hard water may result in drying out your skin and scalp, while leading to a build-up of soap scum on your dishes. Hard water can also be harmful to your health in large doses.

Luckily, there’s a way to combat hard water in your home with Croix Crystal Water Treatment! We offer water softener installation for all St. Paul residents.

We also offer water softener maintenance, well water softener installation and city water softener installation.

Other Water Treatment Services for St. Paul Homes

We don’t stop at water treatment installation services – we also deliver delicious and clean water right to your home! With our water delivery service, you’ll have access to great-tasting water without the hassle of having to lug around those heavy 10-gallon jugs in and out of the grocery store.

Our flexible service means you get your water delivered right to your door at the earliest convenience. Our containers are easy to store, so you’ll be able to hide away multiple containers without taking up too much space!

The water in your home may taste alright, but when was the last time you checked how safe it was? If you’re concerned about the quality of your water, contact Croix Crystal Water Treatment for water testing!

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