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Maplewood Water Filtration Services

Water: the most precious resource. You could have plenty of other beverages ranked higher in the list of your favorites, but the truth is you need water day in and day out. When water is so necessary, why not have the highest quality and the best taste you can get running through your home? With Croix Crystal Water Treatment, you can!

We have over 20 years of experience with everything water treatment, including water filtration installation services! We proudly use EVOLVE filtration systems for every one of our installations. EVOLVE’s filtration systems help filter out harmful elements from your drinking water, such as iron and manganese.

We offer water filtration services for the following:

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Water Softener Services Maplewood

Hard water is sometimes your home’s worst enemy as its abrasive nature can whittle down your plumbing system, causing premature and costly repairs down the road. Hard water can also ruin your appliances like your refrigerator and your dishwasher as well, not to mention leave soap scum on your freshly washed hands or dishes.

Rid the hard water out of your home by call Croix Crystal Water Treatment! Our bread and butter is our water softener installation and, after service with us, we know you’ll agree!

Receive dependable and flexible service anywhere in the Maplewood area with our multiple installation services:

Additional Water Treatment Services Maplewood, MN

If you love to keep cool, crisp water in your water cooler but hate having to go to the store and lug those big jugs around, then Croix Crystal Water Treatment has a deal for you!

With our water delivery service, get access to great-tasting, ice-cold water at your earliest convenience. If storage is a concern for you, worry no more. Our water containers have an easy storage design, making them easy to hide efficiently around your home!

Additionally, if you’re concerned with the water quality in your home and want to know, ask us about our water testing service!

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