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City Water Softener Services Lake Elmo, MN

The water you get from the city may taste okay, but that doesn’t mean hard water can’t appear in your plumbing. Hard water can affect many facets of your home.

Hard water’s abrasive nature can be a nightmare for your plumbing, as it can wear it down faster than normal. With wear and tear coming faster for your pipes, it’s more than likely going to cost a premature and costly repair.

When hard water runs through your appliances, the productive life of those appliances decreases dramatically – mainly your dishwasher and your refrigerator. Additionally, soap scum can be left on your freshly washed hands. This thin, uncomfortable film can also be found on your “clean” dishes in the dishwasher.

Yes, hard water can be hard to live with, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it forever. Call on Croix Crystal Water Treatment for city water softener installation services! Our team has over 20 years of experience installing water softeners to the good residents of the Hudson and Twin Cities area, including Lake Elmo!

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Additional Water Softener Services Lake Elmo, MN

If you draw water from the ground, chances are that water contains a heavy amount of minerals, which means your water coming out of your facets is hard. Luckily, Croix Crystal Water Treatment can help you get rid of that hard water with well water softener services.

If your home already has a water softener system installed and you still need one for your business, ask us about our commercial water softener installation.

Finally, if any of your water softener systems are broken down or aren’t performing as they should, contact us for our water softener maintenance services!

Other Water Treatment Services

At Croix Crystal Water Treatment, we pride ourselves on our water softener services. We also provide a multitude of other water treatment services, including:

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