Common Water Problems & Solutions
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Common Water Problems & Solutions

The water running through your home is one of the most important facets of the property as it keeps you and your family hydrated and sanitary. Common issues such as foul-tasting water can negatively impact your home both financially and personally.

Let’s learn the common water problems and how to solve them!

Hard Water

Much of the Earth’s drinkable water is hard. Hard water contains minerals such as magnesium and calcium, which can have adverse effects on your home. Hard water is abrasive, meaning it will cause significant amounts of damage to your plumbing system over time.

It will also cause faster deterioration to your appliances, such as your dishwasher and refrigerator. Additionally, hard water is the main culprit of soap scum on your dishes and freshly washed hands. Finally, hard water will cause your sinks and shower drains to become stained with a rusty-red color.

To rid hard water out of your home, consider installing a water softening system! Whether you draw your water from a well or the city, a water softener system will be able to strip the minerals from the water, making your water soft and less abrasive.


Many older homes’ plumbing systems were made with copper pipes. The residue from these older copper pipes can cause your drinking water to become contaminated with lead. Lead is an extremely dangerous mineral when ingested in the human body. If you feel as though your house’s plumbing system is outdated, consider calling a professional for a water testing service.

If your home’s water supply is contaminated with lead, you can install a reverse osmosis filtration system! This filtration system will work to sift out lead and other contaminants in your water, making it safe to drink and cook with.

Foul Odors & Taste

If you ever poured water from a facet and it came out smelling like rotten eggs, you know it’s an unpleasant experience. Organic matter from the earth, such as dead animals and vegetation, can rot and decay, which can seep into the groundwater, causing high amounts of sulfur.

You can combat the foul, rotten egg smell by installing a whole-house sulfur filtration system! This filter works at catching matter that causes unpleasant odor, giving your house clean and better-tasting water.

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