Common Issues Caused By Well Water
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Common Issues Caused By Well Water

From cooking to cleaning and bathing, your water source plays a significant role in your home’s day-to-day responsibilities. If a private well serves as your home’s water source instead of a public one, you may notice the effects of hard water minerals.

Keeping an eye out for signs indicating hard water minerals are impacting your home will help you stay ahead of costly repairs down the road.

Uneven Water Flow

If you notice the water flow sputters and showers when you turn on the facet, you may be in need of a water softener. Because well water contains magnesium and calcium minerals, it can cause the plumbing system and faucet to become clogged. A clogged faucet will cause your water flow to sputter and shower when you turn it on.

The team at Croix Crystal can help you with expert water softener installation to help you establish a consistent and usable water source.

Appliances Appear Dirty

When calcium and magnesium build up on your appliances, it can cause them to appear stained, discolored, and dirty. Consider having a water softener professionally installed to prevent hard water minerals from impacting your home’s aesthetics and visual appearance.

Residue Buildup on Tubs, Showers, and Sinks

Another downfall of well water is the scummy residue it can leave on your bathtub and sink. When hard water dries, the leftover minerals can cause your tub, showers, and sink to develop a scummy buildup, making the utility appear dirty. Because soft water doesn’t contain these minerals, you can rest assured that your washing appliances will remain bright and clean.

Toilet Flushes Slowly

Because well water’s hard minerals can accumulate in the pipes and the plumbing system, your toilet may start to flush more slowly after an extended period of time. Not only is this an unwanted hassle, but it can also lead to plumbing issues down the road. A water softener will remove those pesky minerals so your plumbing system can remain clear and properly operating.

Dishes and Glasses Appear Dirty

Hard water doesn’t lather with soap as effectively as soft water, which can cause your dishes and glasses to appear spotty and dirty, even after washing. Contact Croix Crystal Water Treatment or expert water softener installation services for crystal clear silverware, glasses, and dishes.

Dry and Uncomfortable Skin

After bathing with well water, your skin may start to feel dry and itchy after drying. Well water contains excessive amounts of calcium and magnesium minerals, which can remain on your skin after showering. Soft water can provide you with better feeling skin and enhanced comfort.

Laundry Appears Dull

Washing clothes with your well water source can also cause your clothing to appear dim and dingy. The fabric can also start to feel dry and coarse to the touch. By installing a water softener in your home, you can enhance your clothing’s vibrancy and make them feel softer and more gentle on your skin.

Costly Repairs

Due to hard water’s corrosive nature, residue builds up on your appliances and even in your plumbing. Eventually, your home’s pipes may wear away so much, leading to repair on sections of pipe or just entire replacement. A plumbing job that focuses on replacing some or most sections of your pipe may cost tens of thousands of dollars out of your pocket.


So, appropriately filtering out your well water is a tiny upfront investment compared to pipe and sewer replacement!

Not-So-Great Tasting Water

If you’re particular about your water tastes, then well water is not right for you. Well water contains heavy minerals, varying amounts of organic matter, and other chemicals that give the water an odd flavor and make it potentially dangerous to drink.

Croix Crystal Water Treatment has your Well Water Solutions

Keeping an eye out for these common issues related to well water will help you stay ahead of the damage. When you’re ready to schedule your water softener installation service, the Croix Crystal team is prepared to assist you. We can provide you with a water hardness test so you can feel confident knowing exactly what type of softener your home requires.

For an additional boost in water quality, ask us about our water filtration systems to achieve the best tasting, soft water your family deserves.

To schedule your service, contact Croix Crystal Water Treatment today at 715-386-8667. We look forward to serving you!


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